2 win 7 installations and ubuntu under windows bootloader problems


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hi everybody!

now first what i got and what i want. :wink:

i got 3 harddrives in my computer.
the first lets call it C: got Win 7 in it.
the second D: got ubuntu 10.4 on it
and the third E: has another win 7 installation on it. <= this one is new.

before i installed win7 on E: i had grub to boot either win 7 or ubuntu and it worked quite well.
but now i want to switch to the win bootloader because i would like to encrypt my files using truecrypt. (truecrypt doesnt work with dualboot and a non windows bootloader)
so i more or less deleted grub. i read "bootrec /fixmbr" and "bootrec /fixboot" would change it to the windowsbootmanager.
but now ubuntu doesnt show up anymore in the win bootloader

right now after i installed the second win 7 on E: the windows bootmanager lets me choose which win7 i would like to boot, but i cant figure out how to put ubuntu in there using easybcd.

maybe someone can tell me step by step what i have to click in the easybcd add new entry section to make winbootloader show up ubuntu.
and also which partition in the bcd deployment section i have to choose.

i would be very thankful if someone can help me!!!


and sorry for my bad english :wink: