2 XP Partitions ??


Hello everyone!

first of all I want to say thank you for the great tool bcdeasy.
I got a little problem with a pc which had two XP partitions and two Win 7.
If I choose the one of the two Win 7 entries in the bootloader all is working fine. Win 7 is starting and Iam happy. But with those XP partitions(entries) I got some problems.
What I did:
1. Made a Arconis Image from a old pc and restored the image back to a new pc (with 2 xp entries in the boot.ini)
2. Repaired the 1st XP installation w/o any problem installed all drivers, installed easybcd and set easybcd up.
3. After the 1st XP-system was ready, I made the same process as point 2 for the the 2nd XP-System.
4. After finishing the 2nd system I rebooted the PC and the bootloader was gone and it just started the 2nd xp system. So I installed easybcd again on the 2nd system rewrite the mbr and bootloader was there again. But still just the 2nd system was booting. So I watched the boot.ini on the 1st xp-system-partition and changed the default partition entry to number 1. After I did this my 1st XP-System was starting again. But now I cant start the 2nd. In BCDEasy all drive-letters a corretly set. I tried to deleted all entries and add them again. But no luck, still just the 1st XP is booting. In my boot.ini (from the 1st xp-partition) under [opartion systems] 2 entries a listed now. One for hdd(0)partition(1) "normal xp" and hdd(0)partition(2)"test-xp".
Could someone help me please, so that I can start both XPs? How I said all 4 entries are listed in the bootloader. But it doesnt matter which XP entry I choose, always the same XP is starting :frowning:

Iam really hoping you guys know what I mean. And then I want to say sorry for my bad english! If you got probs while understanding let me know and try to explain it a bit better :wink:

Thank you very much

it's a MS design feature of the Vista/7 bootmgr.
There is only one XP entry in the BCD
It chains to the XP legacy bootloader (NTLDR)
NTLDR reads boot.ini and that contains all the information to boot every XP system.
You cannot avoid a 2-stage boot process using the MS boot loader.
Delete the redundant XP entry from the BCD, just leave one XP.

If you want a single boot menu, you'll have to use a third-party boot loader.
You can try HnS, which will also protect your W7 restore points if you're not using the XP hack.
Hey Terry60,

thank you very much for your answer. I tried it now on this pc and WOOHOOO it works.
My fault was just the timeout-time in the boot.ini. It was set to 1 so I didnt saw the XP choosing-menu.
Changed it to 30 and there we go!
Thank you very much for your help. And I think my boss can live with those 2 bootmgr's :wink:

Bye bye