2 Xp + W7


I had 2 DHs 160 and 322Gb.

HD160 - Partion 1 Xp1, partion 2 Ubuntu 9.10.
HD322 - Partion 1 anoter Xp2, partion 2 NTFS and partion 3 W7.

I GHost DD160 partion 1 to HD322 partion 2.

HD322 now have partion Xp1, partion 2 Xp2 and partion 3 W7.

I boot by W7 menu Windows 7 (DD322 partion 3) and Xp1 (HD322 partion 1).

Is it possible add one Xp2 (HD322 partion2 GHost copyed) to W7 menu and boot then like others?
The W7 BCD only contains one entry for XP even when you have multiple XP installations.
The NTLDR boot.ini file contains the details of the extra XP entries.
Use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build, delete the XP entry and add it again. Let EasyBCD auto-configure when it offers, and it will detect all of your XP systems and create the multi-entry boot.ini for you.