2nd system doesn't work - go to reboot



it's my first contact to this forum and I hope to get a solution for my problem!
Here I have a PC system with a volume incl. XP (2 partitions). To use VISTA Ultimate 64 I add a installed a new volume (2 partitions).
Before installing this I removed the XP-volume to protect this.
After install Vista on new volume I added the XP-Volume to PC. In BIOS will detected both volumes correctly!
VISTA: partition C, partition D for data
XP: partition G, partition H for data
In EASYBCD I add XP to volume G - it was easly to do!
During boot PC system detect 2 OP. If I try to select XP PC goes to reboot!
VISTA works fine always? Could tel me everyone where is my failure, or doesn't
work this generally!
I have problem that XP couldn't reinstall, because any old programs are on volume!
Hope for your help!

Kind regards
Hi Kersten, welcome to NST.
The XP boot files need to be copied (not moved) into the Vista partition root, and the boot.ini copy pointed back to XP.
Follow the links and notes in the sticky thread points 3 5 and 6.
You're very lucky. If you have EasyBCD 2.0, (just released in Beta) it will create the correct boot.ini file for you (Tools menu drop down). A week ago, you'd have had to create it yourself from scratch.
Leave everything on the XP drive untouched and you'll always be able to stand-alone boot that drive in an emergency if Vista breaks.

Do you use system restore ? Be aware that dual-booting XP with later OSs will destroy those later system restore points (XP doesn't recognize the new format and thinks they're corrupt, so it "fixes" them for you)
If you want to protect them follow the advice in this post.
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Hi Terry,

thank you for answer and help!
Sorry for any days delay, I'm busy at present!
YES I could confirm that system works properly now! I used the EASYBCD 2.0 (BETA). Only one issue came up - it was the new registration of existing XP software. I believe it was caused by the copy of NTLR and other files from original root to the main volume! After new registration both systems work fine!
Again a lot of thanks for help!

Kind regards