3gig switch


Is anyone familiar with a method to increase accessible ram in win7 which is referenced as the "/3gig switch" which apparently involves a change to the boot file and for safety it seems best to add a new line to boot ini rather than modify the main one.

Has anyone come across this, or know how to set it up.

Thanks for the link.

Just to check (not very experienced in this), would I be right in assuming that the PAE option can be used to access memory beyond 4GB?

I only have 4GB on my system and what I want to do is access as much of the memory as I can - up to 4gb.

How do I do this?
By installing a 64-bit version of Windows.


These workarounds will only allow applications that specifically implement PAE support to use up to 4GB.
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Assuming the user has a 64-bit capable system. This article by Microsoft can help: "Memory Support and Windows Operating Systems" - search the Microsoft web site.
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