3rd Boot to Win7 x64 Problem from XP


My primary boot is XP/64 with 2nd boot Win7. Everything works OK with this setup. All OS versions are on separate serial disks in sequence. Using BCD 2.0.63 when I try to add Win7 x64 it picks up the system 32 winload.exe file instead of going to the WOW folder. I used the drive letter H which is indicated in "my computer" and the drive name. What am I missing to access the correct folder.
Hi Tom, welcome to NST.
What are you trying to do ?
If you want to dual boot W7 and XP, W7 must be controlling the boot and you'll need to add an entry for XP to the W7 BCD. You don't need to add an entry for W7.
If you were adding an entry for W7 to an existing Vista BCD, it should be pointing to Windows\System32\ because that's where the boot loader resides.

Sorry, reading more carefully, I see you're adding a second W7 (x64). It still points to the system32 folder, that's where winload.exe lives whether the system is x86 or x64.
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Im' back. The system hung with the fish screen and "unauthorized OS" note. Win7 x64 has both system 32 and the WOW (x64) folder as you probably know. I am under the impression x64 boots from the WOW. It contains a wininit.exe that when I hover over, indicated, boot the OS. This X64 OS has booted as a stand alone so I thought BCD with the folder /system32 /winload .exe was trying to load an unlicensed version (32 bit). Are you saying that Win7 x32 and Win7 x64 use the same location and file for booting.


You must be right Terry, I just pulled cables and tried to boot Win7 x64 alone again. It's been two weeks and I now get the message it's not genuine. Got it booted in safe mode; rebooted 1/2 way and ran diagnostics. It tells me that a camera or disk was added and to remove it. I have 7 blasted disks and two dvd's. It seems crazy to give me that message. I'll have to try and sort it out.
Thanks for your help

Tom Welsh
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Are you using the RC (build 7100) ? It should ignore the validation stuff since they were handing out free keys anyway.
I guess if you've got a later torrent, 30 day expiration and key validation might be re-enabled.

I have x64 versions of W7 and Vista and they both chain to the bootloader winload.exe in the system32 folder.
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