5 OS's, is that possible?


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How can I load these OS's with EasyBCD? and in what sequence should they be installed?
XP 32, XP 64, VISTA 64, BSD 5, FEDORA 7
Thanks in advance.
Hi Orajinn,

Five operating systems is nothing to EasyBCD :smile: (most I tested was 8... but I know it can do more)


XP x86
XP x64
Fedora 7 (Make sure to tell Fedora to install GRUB to the bootsector of the Fedora partition and not the MBR)
BSD 5 (again, have it install the FreeBSD Loader to the bootsector of the BSD partition)
Vista x64

Once you've installed them in that order, your menu should look like this:

Windows Vista
Earlier versions of Windows

Selecting the second option will give you a menu to choose which XP you want to boot.

Now in Windows Vista, install and run EasyBCD. Go to the Add/Remove Entries screen, and add a GRUB entry for Fedora and a FreeBSD Loader entry for FreeBSD 5.

I recommend you use the latest 1.61 beta instead of 1.6: http://neosmart.net/forums/showthread.php?t=642