64-bit powertoys?

I am pretty sure Guru is busy working on EasyBCD 2.0, HnS, iReboot and his many othe rNST projects.
Hi all,

If any one is interested, here's a copy of Neosmart TweakUI x64 version 2.20 attached below for all to enjoy.:smile:


  • TweakUI_x64_v2.20-Neosmart.rar
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That Image Resizer powertoy is the best tool I have found for making my workflow easy.

I would be truly grateful if you can please help with that for XP64.

I will wait patiently and want to thank you in advance! =)
Hi everybody, I need thw powercalc_2k3 tool for xp x64, so I made my registration to neosmart.net, but I'm still unable to download, vbulletin redirects me every time to the login page, even if I'm logged in. Can someone fix this, or upload the file on a public server? :ldown:
Hi Pier, there's a known issue with download, as you describe, which can be worked around by ticking the "remember me on this computer" box (or whatever it actually says) when you logon to the forum.
Hi, sorry to bump an old topic but I found this through google, the image resizer powertoy was invaluable to me, but I just updated to XP 64-bit , I'm wondering if this resizer was ever found/uploaded?
x64 PowerToys greatly appreciated

Good morning, Guru. I was hoping that you would have the rest of your x64 PowerToys ported to the new installer. I used several of the MS PowerToys in XP Pro, and now that I have moved to XP x64 I find that I miss them a LOT! I would very much appreciate if you could continue to make them available as you find or re-port them (I understand some were lost in the server crash.)

Thanks again!