64 bit Vista recovery CD loads but won't display a menu (screen goes blank)


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I downloaded the 64 bit Vista recovery ISO file & created a DVD. I verified that the files are readable on a known good PC. I made sure that the CD is the first thing to boot on the PC which has the problem by going into the setup. When I install the recovery CD and turn the bad PC on it first promts me to hit any key to boot from the CD. I hit enter and it says "windows downloading files". After this it goes to the microsoft corporation "scrolling wait box" screen for about 10 seconds & then the screen goes black. After a minute or so the cursor shows up on the screen but ... there is no text or menu to select the next step. I do not understand why I am not seeing a welcome screen or some menu to start a repair procedure. Can someone offer a suggestion as to what to do to get to the repair disc menu?​
Unfortunately, a HDD problem which stops your PC from booting can also prevent the repair CD from booting. (It checks the HDD as it tries to boot) which means you can't get to the repair screen or the command prompt to issue a chkdsk (which is probably what you need to progress further).
Don't despair (yet), you can get a free partition manager which will enable you to run a chkdsk (check file system) against the broken partition, then (if needed) boot the repair CD again.
If I downloaded the 32 Bit version and I have 64 Bit system, could that cause the same problem that Vista Recovery will not start? if so, will Neosmart Technologies allow me to download the 64 Bit version. I had no idea how to find out if I had 32Bit or 64 Bit on my computer in its current condition so I just picked 32 Bit to download. I am probably dreaming that this is the case and probably need to perform the same HDD CHKDSK; it's nice to dream. what do you think?