760GXK8MC - RSH Audio Driver


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Hey guys, I am trying to get the sound working on this motherboard: Foxconn 760GXK8MC - RSH and it simply doesn't work. If anyone could suggest me where to download driver that works.

Windows XP SP3 x32 bit.

I tried some, and it says "Driver not found! Reboot your system and run this setup again." And after I do that, I get the same error.

I've lost my nerves with it.. :frowning:


Who ever helps me in the next 6 hours, gets a present! :smile:
And the present is 1.5GB of space and 100GB/month transfer for 6 months! :smile: Payed hosting.

So, anyone? :smile:
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Yeah, but that wasn't it. The problem is solved now. on-board audio device was disabled in BIOS. :lup: Yeah, funny.

But thank you :smile:
Sorry Sarge, should have thought of that. The same thing happened to my dad's PC, but I only diagnosed it (we live 1 hour apart) when I was down there after he'd bought a PCI sound card to fix the problem !
Yeah, I have to admit, Terry, there was a good part of time where I thought that was my only option as well. I was lucky someone thought of checking if it's disabled in BIOS. :smile: