9.5 Beta 2 is out!

Mak 2.0

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Opera 9.5 Beta 2 is available now!

Beta 2 introduces Notes syncing support using Opera Link, EV certificate support, improved Fraud protection, many performance and usability improvements in Quick Find (also known as history search), improvements in website rendering and performance, plugin support and of course lots of bug fixes. Check out the changelogs for the details.

We would like to thank the community for all testing, suggestions, and other feedback! Congratulations everyone with making 9.5 Beta 2 a great release! :smile:

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of Opera Dragonfly and more exciting updates on this blog.

Build Numbers
Windows: 9945
Mac: 4789
UNIX: 1933

Known Issues
[Bug 325677] POP mail download doesn't work on web.de (and some other servers)
[Bug 324727] The Octoshape plug-in causes Opera to crash on start-up
[Bug 322553] The "Execute program" action fails in certain circumstances

Changelog (since the last snapshot)
Fixed Bug 324643: "Remove from toolbar" doesn't work
Fixed Bug 324645: Right-clicking an IRC channel prevents it from showing new messages
Fixed Bug 324678: Mail attachment options don't work on Windows
Fixed Bug 324696: The "Go to Web Address" action fails
Fixed Bug 324699: Crash when choosing "Open Opera" from the tray icon after hiding Opera on Windows when the mail client is disabled
Fixed Bug 324700: "Save image" context menu item doesn't work
Fixed a crash on start-up for some POP mail users
Fixed a problem where inline find highlighting didn't work correctly in mail (or when using "white-space: pre-wrap")
Fixed incorrect label on "Remove" button in newsfeed views
Re-added the "Delete mail" action for backwards compatibility