9800GT Death Throes?


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I would just like some input by all you knowledgable ppls.

Yesterday my 9800GT 512MB video card started to output distorted/fuzzy screens. I know it is the video card at fault because when I changed the card for another everything went back to normal. And when I installed the 9800GT in another system it caused the same artifacts on that system.

Here are the photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/52894520@N06/with/4878917356/

Notice how "Fuzzy Screen_2" which is supposed to be a simple post boot black screen with basic DOS-like writing seems to be the worstly distorted?

Has anyone encountered these sorts of artifacts? Is it an easy fix? My idea of an easy fix was to replace it with a HD5770 which I've done but it would be great if I could salvage it so that I can upgrade an older system which currently has a crappy 8400GS. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry the actual chip of the video card is going. No way to salvage it. You would end up just buying a new video card to replace the chip in it.