"A disk read error occured"


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Dear folks,

I have 2 HDDs on my system.

Disk 0 has 3 partitions (1) Windows 7, (2) Ubuntu 10.04, (3) DATA
Disk 1 has 3 partitions - (1) EMPTY (was WinXP), (2) Windows 7, (3) DATA

I boot from one disk or another (via switching the boot order in BIOS) depending on what system I need to use.

Yesterday, i was installing UBUNTU on Disk 0 partition 3, and when installation asked me for a SWAP partition I set Partition 1 of Disk 1 since I do not use WinXP anymore. Linux installation was successful and it marked that partition as SWAP type, however...

When I tried to boot Windows 7 from Drive 1 it said "Operating System is missing".

I tried W7 installation DVD startup repair's bootrec.exe /fixmbr /fixboot and now I receive "A disk read error occurred".

When I try to use W7 installation DVD startup repair it finds no problems.

I can see all partitions on this disk when I boot from the other HDD, so I think there is no mechanical problems with the disk.

What would you recommend to make it boot Windows 7 from Disk 1 partition 2?



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Presumably your XP partition was previously "system" "active" (where all the X: W7 boot files were).
You could recreate a set on X: and continue swapping HDDs in the BIOS, but why bother ?
Just use EasyBCD 2.0 on the other W7 and add another W7 entry to the BCD on C: (point it to X: then you'll be offered a choice of W7s in the boot menu. (use EasyBCD to rename them for easy identification.) and you can avoid having to fiddle with the BIOS.