A Dog That Can Pray


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I couldn't believe this:


According to the CNN article, the dog just saw his Buddhist owner praying and decided he'd like to imitate him too...... :wtf:

Prayers and all aside, that's one nice dog though.. I didn't know Chihuahua could look like that - I thought it was a husky or something!

Zen (dog) master: A new take on prayer position - CNN.com
Very interesting. A praying dog. Maybe it is praying for a bone?:tongueout:

But yes i do agree Guru. It is hard to believe that is a Chihuahua as i always think of the Taco Bell dog as a Chihuahua not that dog.
i never actually went to taco bell nor did i ever crave it i mean home made tacos are perfectly great especially since you can put as much of whatever you want in them besides im not a dog person
I thought praying is about mental concentration too. :lup:

Yes it is. It is also about finding your "center" or bring about peace to a busy mind. There are many things that Praying/meditation can be used for. :wink:
Sure they think a lot. "Bone, bone, bone, run, run, run, fetch, fetch, fetch"

Then it goes to "Man i wish he would stop throwing this ball. I want it here not over there."

That one is more of a philosophical question than anything. It is more of a belief of a individual than anything. Cause someone can say yes while other can say no. There is no way to give a definite answer.