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I've been using iReboot for sometimes now, found it very useful, but not very user friendly.

1) all settings controlled ONLY via contest menu. Even though there are only a few options it's quiet annoying open the menu several times to set the program to a needed state. If the menu would not disappear after each change it would be awesome.

2) currently when set a desired OS, at reboot there is no menu to select different OS. Would be awesome if iReboot would change the default OS and leave the boot menu.

3) next request in combination with previous would be the perfect solution: automatically (with an option for user to enable/disable) set current OS as default. Other words after each reboot the last used OS would be set as default and user don't need to worry to select it manually after each reboot.

4) if an OS supports hibernation and it's enabled, allow user to choose if they want put current OS into hibernation and boot into different OS.

5) allow users select where they want iReboot to be installed. Currently iReboot (and EasyBCD) installs at %PROGRAM FILES% location without any options to change that.

Thank you.
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Your suggestions I like. There could be additional settings to control iReboot's behavior. However, iReboot's goal is to quickly get you into the OS you want into. If it displayed the boot menu regardless or make changes permanent, most of its users whouldn't be too happy. This is what you've got EasyBCD for. Now if you want things "your way" than I suggest making batch files that run as admin to set the default and then reboot the computer.
Yes, you are right, but still would be nice expand it's current purpose to something more :wink: (obviously as options)

Does iReboot supports command line? I would not mind have it run in command line at startup to do my #3 request even if it means no more boot menu.
With EasyBCD there is a problem, it requires administrative rights, and can't be used as automatic tool.

added #5 request
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Your suggestions are appreciated. iReboot doesn't work through the command line at the moment. I'm sure the developer well implement these fatures if it is the best decision for the product.