A Partition Disappeared From Sight

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Windows Error Message at Reboot

After installing Zorin 9 on my Windows 8 laptop I also installed EasyBCD. But I made some mistakes and reformatted.

Still the Factory Image Restore did not affect the Zorin partition it looks like. In EasyBCD I added Zorin and Zorin's icon does appear under that of Windows 8 at reboot.

But first this appears "Press ESC to stop start" (I had set it to do that somehow in the Bios so that the system would boot up from the Zorin Life disk to install Zorin from it.) Then a Windows error message appears on the still black screen:

"File: \NST\AutoNeoGrub.mrb"
"Status: 0x000007b"

By pressing esc the two icons appear again, and I must choose Windows 8 to be able to use my laptop.

Any help would be appreciated.
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