A simple question concerning the Linux option in EasyBCD...

NeoGrub and EasyBCD are for the common case. No one is promising here that they will work as expected in every case, especially if the user is using tools that have not been tested with the programs during the beta/initial debug proccess. A commerical organization would proably void even providing support for unapproved or undocumented uses, but we try to help with the experience we have regardless.

I am not taking sides on this or anything... it would be quite nice if there are never problems but there are. That is why we need users like you who can test and find out what is wrong so it can be fixed. Short of witnessing the problem first hand and understanding it fully from your description, there is little we can do to remedy your problem. I think I've said my peace on the topic.
I understand all of that...but the fact remains though that I was able to boot into Ubuntu, after using the separate Bootpart that I downloaded, and also able to boot into Ubuntu with NeoGrub as well. :wink: I can also boot into Ubuntu from the BING bootloader, which requires Grub installed to the Ubuntu partition, before it will work...so all of these things tell me that Grub is indeed installed to the Ubuntu partition, as it should be, and eveything works except for when I try to create a entry in EasyBCD, under the Linux tab, that uses Bootpart...which is when I get just a blank screen after selecting that entry at bootup. :huh: So it seems like to me that for some reason, EasyBCD, in my case, is having trouble communicating with its version of Bootpart. How else would you explain it? >.<

Anyhow, I guess I probably wont ever get a solution to this issue. :x I am glad now that I mentioned the more reliable method of making a Ubuntu entry in the Vista bootloader work in my tutorial, and did not suggest the auto-config, as I have had no success with it, and at least I know the other method would work the way it should.

I guess there are times when even the experts don't know what went wrong with their software. :wink: