A win7 iso customizer?


I would love it if you made a customizer for windows 7 just like vlite for vista.I know it would take a lot of time but it would be superb.
What do you mean by ISO customizer? An ISO burner? ISO creation?....

ISO burning/creation is quite simple with ImgBurn

If you're looking to create bootable ISOs look into mkisofs.
and more importantly, removing unnecessary bloat and components.

Thanks for this suggestion, I'll stick it right in the idea bank and see what comes along :smile:
Oh, somehow missed vlite reading the post. I'm sure that author well have a W7 version out soon, though it would be cool. We could make one and simply update it so it supports multiple versions of Windows along the way.
Hmm, disappinting I'm sure but understandable. The article leaves hope that vlite could still be used with W7, saying it worked in beta builds.
Vlite partially works with windows 7, there are other projects going on like Rt7lite and 7customizer at the msfn.org forums but are not as goog as nlite or vlite now,I am sure Guru can make a nice one.