A Windows 7/Ubuntu Boot Question

Hi. Posted Feb.09.2010

I want to be able to multi boot XP, Windows 7 or Ubuntu 9.10.

Windows XP is installed in the 1st partition on Disk0

Windows 7 is installed in the 6th partition on Disk0

Ubuntu 9.10 is installed in the 10th partition on Disk1 i.e. /dev/sdb4.

I instructed Ubuntu to install GRUB to its own partition - /dev/sdb4, with a mount point of "/"

I have added a NeoGRUB boot option to Windows 7 using EasyBCD (v2.0.0.76):

Entry #3
Name: NeoGrub Bootloader
BCD ID: {10203b03-edb8-11de-a3ca-e2b506438538}
Drive: C:\
Bootloader Path: \NST\NeoGrub.mbr
NOTE: When I attempt to add NeoGrub or Linux/BSD, I get a bootgrabber.exe has stopped working message. I downloaded the latest version of bootgrabber.exe (size=93,696, modified date Aug.27.2009), and the same problem occurred.


How can I modify "C:\nst\NeoGrub.mbr" (Or "C:\nst\menu.lst") to boot from /dev/sdb4 ? I would have thought this option would have been provided by EasyBCD, but perhaps the bootgrabber.exe error is the problem.


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Ubuntu 9.10 uses grub2.
Don't use Neogrub.
Delete the Linux entry, add a new Linux entry, select grub2 from the dropdown.
Everything else "greys" because Easy2 doesn't need any more info.
You are a genius! I have spent days trying to figure this out. Now it works. Awesome!

Re the bootgrabber.exe issue. Should I just forget it, or would you like more details? At this point I am not at all concerned.

Thank you for your excellent product and your excellent support.

Glad to help.
Please stick around and help CG to debug bootgrabber.
It's an annoying bug.
It doesn't happen a lot, and we can't reproduce it on test systems, but of all those who've had a problem, none have stuck around long enough to find out what configuration quirk is responsible. Generally they format and reinstall and the problem goes away.
That's fine for them, but it doesn't help CG fix it so that it doesn't crop up again in a few weeks.
PM him if you're willing to help out - He'll be ecstatic.
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Mike! You've come just in time!

We need you... I've been battling the bootgrabber.exe issue for a looooooong time now, and I need someone on who's machine bootgrabber.exe crashes to test changes I make until I get to the bottom of this.

As Terry said, it's rare to find someone willing to stick it through.... and he's speaking from experience: he came here with an issue that affected one out of a million with our HnS software and stuck through until we got to the bottom of it.. as a result of his help, I was able to add some of the super-cool auto-detection features to EasyBCD 2.0.

Mike, I will upload you a new version of bootgrabber.exe to test later today, if you're willing to help :smile:
Works indeed, but strange behavior

Ubuntu 9.10 uses grub2.
Don't use Neogrub.
Delete the Linux entry, add a new Linux entry, select grub2 from the dropdown.
Everything else "greys" because Easy2 doesn't need any more info.

Hi Terry
I experienced similar Vista / Ubuntu 9.10 double boot, using EasyBCD2.0 (.79 beta release). Effectively works well, thanks for that. Nevertheless, just a remark as interface behavior is strange when selecting Grub2, Indeed as you say, other boxes are greyed, but when validating the choice, seems to come back to Grub legacy, as if Grub2 was not taken into account. Probably it is, as it works, but strange anyway...

Hi Bernard, welcome to NST.
Are you sure you didn't nudge your scrollwheel ?
The dropdowns on the various tabs will scroll through the options.

Can you please test the attached debug version of BootGrabber.exe and tell me if it has fixed the crash or not yet?

Replace BootGrabber.exe in the Program Files\NeoSmart Technologies\EasyBCD\bin\ directory with the attached.

If it crashes, download http://j.mp/MiniDumpTool and follow the instructions in ReadMe.txt to create a dump for BootGrabber.exe (while the "Error Reporting" screen is still open!)



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