Aaargh - have i trashed my vista installation?


Help - having run a dual boot system for a few months now, I just changed out my second hard drive, so chose to reinstall XP on the new drive. Got it up and running and started on the multiboot.... Then, unintentionally clicked on 'reset bcd configuration' in the backup/repair menu. Now cannot add any entries and view settings tab shows no entries. Daren't switch my machine off and now totally out of my depth! BTW I have no vista disc (running 64 bit ultimate). Any suggestions gratefully received.
When you installed XP on the 2nd HDD, did you have Vista disconnected, or did the XP install trash the Vista boot ?
Which partition is listed as "system" ?
Vista stayed connected and shows as the system drive (C). I installed XP on D.

I have so far downloaded a vista recovery disc and located bootsect.exe in the easybcd bin folder (found this info elsewhere on neosmart), but just hoping theres an easier solution than possibly having to manually recreate the bcd as its really stretching my comfort zone!! - especially when the neosmart site calls it the nuclear holocaust option!!
Using EasyBCD 2
Bootloader Setup > Install Vista/7 bootloader
In your BCD you should see an entry for Vista
(if not use BCD backup/repair > recreate boot files)
When you have a BCD with a Vista entry
Use "add new entry" > Windows tab/XP dropdown
Let it auto-configure
Don't change the drive assignment.