About EasyBCD. I want to move windows boot manager from HDD to SSD


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I have Windows 10 installed on Disk 1 (HDD) before. Now installing another Windows 10 on Disk 2 (SSD). I no longer need HDD anymore but if I remove HDD from PC then I cannot boot from SSD. Looking on Google and found that EasyBCD can move boot manager. But I am not sure that it will create new partition for boot manager on new drive or overwrite an entire drive which means all data will be loss ?


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I'm pretty sure that changing the boot drive with EasyBCD is only applicable to BIOS/MBR istallations.
Your easiest solution if you are really "installing" W10 again, would be to do so with the HDD disconnected so that setup is obliged to create a new EFI System Partition on the SSD, along with the appropriate mandatory recovery partitions it requires.
If you created the SSD by "cloning" the HDD OS, then you'd better reclone the entire drive including the ESP if you want to remove the HDD eventually.


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I did what Terry60 mention, however the PC boot in EFI mode. PC on first Page ask for PIN Password, it will not create it, nor it will response. I had to remove the SSD to return to normal mode and have the PC running. Regards.