About The Recovery Disc Download


I downloaded both of them from here (Download: Windows Vista x64 Recovery Disc The NeoSmart Files)
And I have these files in the folders.

In the file entitled "boot" There is bcd, boot.sdi,and bootfix.bin

in the "sources" folder I have this file boot.wim

and there's one lone file entitled bootmgr

I followed all the directions on how to to burn it in IMGBURN but I can't choose any of the files.
Absolutely none of them worked I got an error message that says...

"Invalied or unsupported image file format.
Reason: First image file part is less than 2048 bytes".

I've looked everywhere and I cannot find any solution to this problem. I have found some topics using google where people have gotten the same error message but somehow their problem is totally different from mine.

Whoever has an idea of how I can fix this please let me know, Thanks.
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Hi platty, welcome to NST.
The recovery disks are ISO images. i.e. they are a single image of a complete CD.
You do not process it in any way. You burn the entire ISO image with Imgburn. (Our preference because it's free and it works).
If you are not seeing the downloaded file as an ISO, it could be because you don't have your folder options set to see known file types, and you have allowed something like WinRAR to associate itself with the ISO filetype.