Accidentally messed up Win7 default bootloader


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I need EasyBCD to fix a multi-boot situation. I took the non-booting drive from my desktop and plugged it into my wife's laptop, and installed EasyBCD 2.1.1

I really newbed it next: I installed the bootloader on C: (my wife's perfectly fine laptop). In my dinking around, I must've also deployed it and written an entry for Win7. At the time I thought "It can't hurt" it's just replacing the Win7 bootloader with the same thing. WRONG. My wife now hates me, because her system says "Windows not genuine" now.

Is there a fix to this? Could I just uninstall EasyBCD and have things go back to normal? (No, I didn't backup the original bootloader). Or have I "screwed the pooch"? (By the way, a little warning, or heads up in the software would have helped me (who should have known better).

Thanks for the wonderful product. (It did what it needed to, and repaired my bad drive to booting).
EasyBCD is not an active part of the system.
It doesn't do anything during or after the boot of your system.
It's just an app that sits there doing nothing, unless you start it and make deliberate changes to your system.
Then those changes sit there for ever unless you change something again.
Uninstalling EasyBCD will change nothing. Only using it will change things.
In that respect it's like regedit on your PC or a screwdriver in your car.
Perfectly harmless, benign and inactive in themselves, but capable of fixing or breaking things depending on what you do with them.
You should have asked for advice before experimenting with your wife's PC, but since it's too late for that now, can you post a screenshot of her Disk Management and the contents of EasyBCD "view settings" (detailed mode) so we can try to find out what the damage is. (how-to details in the sticky)