Accidentally Moved Boot...


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Okay, I am a complete computer noob, so bear with me please. I had previously installed Ubuntu 11.10 alongside Windows 7 on my new computer because I had 11.04 on my old one and liked it a lot. After shutting it down for the first time, Ubuntu would randomly freeze when attempting to log-in, so I decided to delete it and try Linux Mint. Following a tutorial online, I started Easy BCD in Windows, and moved the boot to a different partition. Now nothing boots... The easy fix would be to use included windows CD... if I had one... The computer didn't come with it. Now I feel pretty stuck...

My current plan is to put linuxmint onto a usb drive using my old laptop and attempt to intall it on the new one in order to restore the GRUB bootloader. Anyone have a different idea?

Whichever guide told you to use the change boot partition feature of EasyBCD to get rid of Ubuntu..... they need to take down that guide ASAP.

You need to change the active partition back to whatever the old boot drive was. This can be done with the Ubuntu live CD using GParted.