Accidentaly removed the windows7 entry


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I installed Linux on a free partition beside windows7 (with grub in the partition not in the MBR)
Then using easyBCD I created a Linux item beside the initial Windows7 entry.
Reboot, windows proposes the 2 items : windows and Linux => Linux cannot boot because it looks like I selected the wrong grub.

Reboot windows ok, change the grub type, and there I probably made a mistake, because at the next boot, I have 2 linux entries (that both work perfectly well, thank-you) but no Windows entry anymore.

Anyone could tell me how to restore the initial windows entry?
Note that I did not break anything else, because from Linux I can see all files and directories of my windows partition.


bug fixed!

Just boot the repair disk you should have created just after completing your windows7 setup. If you are lucky, it will ask you to confirm the recovery of your windows entry.
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