Hello everyone, I am a new member as of today. Thank you Mahmoud for the welcome and for your awesome assistance!

Here is my hair pulling problem. I restored my laptop computer to faculty default and had to purchase the Acer Recovery cd. I successfully installed the cds but then I received this message when I selected Alt F10.

Edit Boot Options for: Microsoft Windows Vista
Path: \windows\system32\winload.exe
Hard disk: d65877a6

My screen is cracked so I have the laptop connected to the ViewSonic monitor. After my computer rebooted when I finished running the recovery cds, Fn F5 would not switch the screen to the ViewSonic. Also I could not run the computer in Safe Mode and it gave me this message:

Windows cannot complete installation in Safe Mode. To continue installing Windows, restart the computer.
I don't know about all laptops, but with mine I haft to be in Windows and have the video driver software running in order to switch to the external display. If its absolutely needed at this point I would suggest getting teh cracked screen replaced first.
Thanks for the response kairozamorro. With my computer, I had to log in first, then it would switch to the external display. Now, when I boot the computer it goes to the logon screen (I'm assuming), but when I type in the password like I did in the past, nothing happens. I don't think it's worth getting the screen fixed because it will cost be more than what I paid for the computer in the first place. I only had the laptop 1 month before my daughter cracked it!
It sounds like the keyboard drivers are missing. Since you can use the keyboard before boot, I assume the hardware is fine.
Plug in a USB keyboard and try to login. Wait a minute or two to start typing as it'll need to install the drivers. Best to plugin the keyboard than power on the computer.