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I have an Acer Aspire 4752, My big problem started when I used Easybcd to edit the boot loader.
I restarted and system cannot boot anymore.

Here's what happened. When I power on notebook, the boot screen shows up, with the progress bar below, moves up to 75%. When I press F2 or F12 (for enter to setup BIOS), is says waiting.... But the progress bar doesn't go 100%.
The system won't let me go to setup bios or boot menu. I tried removing the hard disk ang booting it but the same problem occurs.
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When do you press F2 or F12? It should be before the Windows Loading screen. What version of Windows are you using that it shows a loading bar like that anyways? XP and Vista had a constant motion bar that continuously went across the screen. Windows 7 and Windows 8 have animated icons. None of which show any loading bar or progress bars to tell you how much has loaded.

Did EasyBCD give you an error when you modified the bootloader that no entries were present? It would have been in a form of a pop up. Did it occur and you just click Ok and ignore it?


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EasyBCD doesn't (and can't) modify the BIOS.

What older versions of EasyBCD used to interfere with would be the UEFI boot menu. Is your machine UEFI? Did you use EasyBCD pre-2.1.2?
I used BCD Management options, reset BCD configuration, but I dont why can't add new entries, so after reboot and
nothing more happened, dont boot up more.
¿Is there any solution?

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EasyBCD is only a graphical tool to modify and use the BCD that boots Windows Vista and beyond. It does nothing more than that. So there is nothing it could have done to prevent you from getting into the BIOS as that happens long before the BCD ever loads. You have to start pressing F2 to enter the BIOS right away when you power on. If it doesnt work, that is a problem that is not related to use of this software.

The only thing you can do is try to recreate the BCD with the Recovery Disk.

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