Acer Aspire 4720z KSoD

I have a black screen of death problem with my girlfriend's laptop and I just can't get it to work. Could somebody help me with solving the problem? I've ran a bootable hard drive diagnostic and it passed.
Use a System Restore Point to go back to a previous date. I know that there was a post about this on some site about what they found to be the problem. Doing research now to find it. But a Restore Point should get you back up for now.


Just found it.

Tracking Vista's elusive 'Black Screen of Death' | Security News - Betanews

Read up on that and maybe something he found might be of help to you as well.
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I've tried to do his sticky key method but sadly the window does not pop up. I can hear the sticky key sound but I'm unable to see the window. There are also no previous restore points.
Sadly there might not be any other option but to format and reinstall Windows. You have tried pretty much exhausted every solution for the KSoD that is out there. If you need to back up the files on the laptop can always use a Linux LiveCD.