Acer Aspire froze, now monitor, keyboard, mouse not working


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The people here have been very helpful before so I hope you can solve my newest problem! I was using irfanview to resize some photos when, after saving one such photo, I went to click on "save as" but instead of the photo being saved my computer froze. The mouse pointer wouldn't move; control-alt-delete didn't work on my keyboard and when I tried to shut off the computer by pressing the "button" on the top of the tower, that didn't shut it off either. I then pulled out the power cord on the back of the tower and that shut off everything. I waited ten seconds and then put the cord back into the tower. Now the monitor starts with the blue light and Acer screen but then it says NO SIGNAL and the blue light turns to white. The mouse doesn't seem to work (the red light that usually shines on the bottom of the mouse when it is working isn't coming on) and the keyboard isn't working either. In fact I've tried 2 different keyboards and neither are working (there is usually a blue light that comes on when the keyboard is working OK but it isn't coming on). The speakers are working OK and the CD-DVD ROM drive opens and
seems like it will work OK but since the monitor isn't accepting any signals from the desktop computer, nothing I put in the CD-DVD drive shows up on the monitor. HELP!!!!!!!

Luckily I bought a laptop computer recently so while I can use it to get on the internet and check things out, I want my desktop working OK too. Might it be a motherboard issue or something else?

BTW: I had a relative who took computer repair classes open the tower and look inside. The power supply seems to be working OK; the battery for the motherboard was checked and that seems to be working OK; can't seem to find anything inside causing the problem. I'm wondering since the monitor says NO SIGNAL after it starts up and shows the ACER screen than goes to NO SIGNAL if it might be a graphics card problem? Would that cause the usb (or original Acer) keyboard and usb mouse not to work too?

When you say you see the "acer screen", are you talking about the BIOS spash screen ?
If so, can you get into the BIOS setup (F1 F2 or Ctl/Alt/Esc) ?
Terry, after I turn the computer on and then the monitor, yes the Acer splash page comes up but then goes straight to the NO SIGNAL screen. I just tried the F1, F2 and CTL/ALT/ESC keys and none of them are working to get past the Acer-No Signal screens. One more thing: when I plug in the USB mouse, as i push it in the red laser light on the bottom blinks on for a second then goes off as I push it in all the way. Also the Acer keyboard I got with the machine, same thing sort of: three blue lights light up for a SPLIT SECOND above the numerical keyboard and then go off again.

While looking through the internet at others who have had similar problems (the monitor, keyboard and mouse not working seems to be more common than I thought), there doesn't seem to be an answer I could find that solves my problem. I tried the mouse and keyboard on another computer in the house and both work OK on that machine. When I press the power button down for three seconds, the computer does shut off. The speakers light up and a sound comes that tells me they're working (and the speaker plugs in on the top next to the 2 usb ports where I have the usb keyboard that isn't working yet plugged in). My printer comes on when I turn it on. I can hear the fan working when the computer is on. The CD-DVD drive opens and the light there comes on.
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Turn the monitor power on first, then as soon as you boot the PC start tapping the F2 (or whatever) key. Don't wait for the splash.
You say that you can hear something from the speaker.
Is it a POST beep code ?
During POST, if there's an insurmountable h/w problem that prevents normal communication, the POST routine can send you a message in coded beeps. If so count the number and pattern.
A web search will tell you what the faulty h/w is.
Terry: When I turn the monitor on the Acer page comes up and then no signal then the monitor goes to black before I turn the power button on the computer. Turning the power button on does nothing to the monitor. It stays black. And the speaker sound is only the sound of it coming on. I dont hear any beeps coming from it.
OK, that's not the BIOS splash then, it's just the monitor's power-up display (presumably that's an Acer screen ?)
That's bad news, it sounds like your mother board is completely dead.
I had a similar problem with a brand new mobo a few builds ago on my previous PC, which was cured by changing the position of the mounting screws onto the base. It was a flaw in the earth-path on one post, cured by not using a screw in that position.
Your problem won't be that fundamental, but it might be worth a basic rebuild from scratch of the mobo and all the PCI cards, RAM etc, just to make sure it's not as simple as a bad contact somewhere before you resort to buying a new mobo.