acer extensa problems wont boot

hi first of im new here so id like to say hi to you all.

next my problems

bought a acer extensa 5230E laptop for my son for xmass 09, cant find recipt and shop wont houner the warranty, it was bought from a local tesco store .

so when i try to power up i hear like its trying to start then it stops, its like a whurring sound.

when i take out the battery and just use the power supply it keeps trying to start and then stops seconds later, i have downloaded both your discs for recovery 64x and 32x but the pc wont boot from them.

i have no way to power up, boot up, any ideas would be great.

i hope i have supplyed enough info for you to diagnose my problem.
thanking you.


just to let you know its on vista home


ok i have the back off and its upsidedown i can see the fan spinning and then it stops also sound comming from disc drive. in the drive is the 64x disc that i downloaded from here
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Could you please post more detailed infos?

If the Fan isn't spinning it could be that your CPU is over-heating (if it's the CPU Fan) and that would be very bad. First: disassemble the Fan and Heatsink and clean both. Use new thermal grease (Iwould suggest Artic Silver) between your CPU and Heatsink!

Start the computer and see what's going on.

If the problem came from your HDD, there some very good tools available. Download HDD Regenerator from (a Trial is available) and Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition 5.0.1 from Free Data Recovery Software, Hard Drive Disk Data Recovery and File Recovery Freeware - EASEUS Data Recovery..

The first apps will do a new degausing of your HDD regardless of system, format etc. and keep all data as they are. The second apps will do a data recovery in case of deleted partitions, files etc. even on an HDD which is otherwise not more accessible by software.

Again, post as much details as possible if you need more help.
i will try to provide more detailed info

if i push power on button the fan starts wirring and i can hear the disc drive spinning, after that it powers off. it doesent even go as far as showing anything on screen.

when i plug the power cord from mains, it continues to go trough this process every few seconds turning on and off with fann spinning and disc drive spinning or could be the lazer moving up and down if thats somting it does normaly to chec for a disc in its tray,but im not sure of that.

had it opend and had a looc to see if any wires were loose nmotting seemed loode no obvious damage to anything no burning signs, took out the hard drive and put it back in to mack sure it was not loose.

so basicly i think its trying to boot from the disc drive or maby a virus can do this im amature.

if you need anything spasific please ask and ill provide what i can..
many thanks
do you mean the memory chip, there is a spare slot,i guess its there to add more memory.

do you think i should change the memory to the other availabe space and see what happens?
i think its 1gig of ram, ill open it up to see if the memory is loose. the other free space is also for ram i think as its laying next to it and has all same conections,

im wondering if i moved it to the other slot would the computer be loke forced to boot as the ram is in a new slot, or maby thats a dumass sugjestion.
Your user handbook should tell you whether you need to use the slots in sequence.
The RAM might not appear to be loose, but eject it and reseat it (a few times), to clean up the contacts anyway, and while you're at it, eject and replug the HDD for the same reason.
The best way to clean the Memory connectors is the use of a soft pencil rubber. Do NOT use any liquids like alcohol etc.!
If you do use alcohol, make sure you leave it out to dry. Even if it looks like it's all already evaporated. Even the slightest moisture can short out your PC.
I wouldn't use even alcohol! Most of the "cleaning alcohol" are just 70% and also contain a grease like substance which isn't anything but good! The best is just a soft Pencil Rubber!