Acer iconia Tab W500 with EasyBCD 2.2

I have an Acer Tablet which I am trying to dual boot with Windows 8 on internal SSD drive and Ubuntu on SD card. If I install Grub2 as the main boot loader I can dual boot without any issues also if I install Windows 8 boot from SSD and Ubuntu / Grub2 to the SD card I can boot using the bios. Both of these options require a keyboard if I want to use Ubuntu. Is there a way to get EasyBCD to boot Ubuntu from the SD card ? I have tried using the Linux/BSD with Type: GRUB 2 and both the Drive options of "Automatically locate and load" and "Partition 1 (Linux - 27 GIB) but both these options hang without booting. I have also tried NeoGrub with and tried various combinations of menu.1st again without sucess. Am I missing something simple as it looks like the Linux/BSD Grub2 option should work ?


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