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Acid Tests - The Web Standards Project

This site Test your browser to see if it is up to standard of the internet, you can get some interesting effects trying different browsers ^_^

have fun.

oh and post your scores with which browser you used ^_^

on FF 2.0 i got the first test perfect, the second a little messed and got to 60 on the third.
on IE i passed the first, and failed horribly the second two
on opera, i passed the first, and fail moderately on the last two
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Opera 9.25 will test perfect. As Opera 9 was teh First Windows based Browser to pass the Acid 2 test. Followed by Firefox and Safari. IE still does not pass it. :wink:

Opera 9 passes teh Acid2 test articles date far back to when it was in Beta. I remember them well. It was MArch of 2006 when the first news hit of Opera 9 passing the test. :tongueout:

The Fox still has some catching up to do. :lol:
the first 2 worked, the 3rd did this [opera 9.5]

about opera im on the family computer mine got confiscated (bad grades). But when i turn on opera it takes at least 30 seconds. i defragged t and reinstalled got ideas
^ i will not fight about this, you have to agree everyone is different and everyone likes something for whatever their reason, i do not like dispute, i will not argue with you...

as to prove myself, i never said anything about opera not having it for whatever amount of time it has, i like FF for what it does for me. enough said
I am not fighting about this. I know people use Firefox. You stated that Firefox 2 Beta passes the Acid2 test. I jsut stated that Opera users have been using it for over a year now while passing Acid2. That is why i said Firefox has some catching up to do.

It is not me who claim that Opera is superior. Mozilla claims how superior their browser is and how safe it is compared to the rest. I am jsut making a statment that Opera was the First Windows browser to pass the Acid2 test. Opera 9 which has been out for almost a year has passed Acid2 the whole time. It is only now that IE and Firefox are trying to pass it.

This just shows me that Opera follows the web recommended standards more than any other browser. This is why most web sites do not "look" right in Opera cause they do not conform to the IE or Firefox coding methods. Almost every website out there is coded specifically for IE or Firefox. That is why they are not viewed right in Opera.

IT is not a fight i am trying to provoke at all. I am just stating simple facts about the Acid2 test and the history of which browsers have passed it and for how long. I am sorry. Didnt think there was somethign wrong with making that statement.
acid 3 has been "out" for a while now, if you can find a thread by me, about any of the acid tests, i think this should be merged
You are right Kahai. You did have a thread and i did merge them to keep things somewhat organized.

But yes Acid3 is now becoming the new standard but sadly no one passes it yet. I am willing to bet that Safari will pass it first for OS X and then Opera 9.50 will pass it for Windows. As they seem to be progressing faster in their beta schedule than Firefox at the moment with Firefox 3 Beta 4 code being frozen for hte time being.
i personally used to prefer IE because opera took forever to start up but now I'm using Firefox i like the way it loads and all plus the speed but the problem is if i try to post before the page finishes loading i get problems and it becomes complicated
p.s. how come with fore fox when i try using (alt +s) it opens history and dose not quick post??????
you get history in FF becuase if you look under the menu names, a letter is high lighted and when you hit "Alt" to bring up the menu on hotkey and the h it goes for that