Acronis Rescue disk problem


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As noted in the documentation,

"if you are using any software that customizes the MBR, such as Roxio GoBack or Acronis TrueImage, the post-boot interface for these applications will no longer be available. See [*this page*] for more information getting these programs to work with EasyBCD."

I could not find any further info on that page, nor any other, on how to get my Acronis rescue disk to work!!?? The disk works fine in another Win 7 computer (no dual boot system in operation). I also tried Acronis Boot Manager which tried to load on start-up and then disappeared as might be expected from the above info.

I would appreciate any info to enable me to use the rescue disk to access my Acronis backups when needed. Along with that, would like to know if the dual boot system itself can be removed for later use or inactivated as I really see no need for it at present (unless it can enable the use of Acronis Boot Manager).