Acronis True Image 11 for only $9.99 @ Vista Forums

Thanks!! :smile: Is it just a download or do you get the media shipped to you?

$10 for the newest version... How do they get deals like this? hopefully it'll acutally work with dell laptops without freezing...


N/M... I guess its an extra $12.99 for the media.

I guess I could always just create a disc using the rescue media builder...
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NST was offered the same deal by Acronis just last week - I figured it would never fly... (there's a commission involved for sales referrals).

Actually, the offer is still valid.. hmmmmm...

Justin, you won't receive any physical media - just the download.
Just a download, but for $5.99 you can add two years of extended download service. You can get the CD but you really don't need it, unless your connection is so slow that a download would take forever.
I haven't used ATI since version 9 so it was about time got up to date.


By the way, it's fully Vista compliant 32 and 64-bit.
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It isn't that my download is slow... its just I perfer software I buy to be on installation media and I usually use ATI out of the Windows enviornment.