Acronis TrueImage and EasyBCD

The EasyBCD Bootloader Documentation page says:

"However, if you are using any software that customizes the MBR, such as Roxio GoBack or Acronis TrueImage, the post-boot interface for these applications will no longer be available. See [*this page*] for more information getting these programs to work with EasyBCD."

Where is *this page*?

I have Acronis TrueImage and EasyBCD installed and working in a Vista/Windows7 configuration.

Did I lose all my TrueImage backups? What do I have to do in order to have TrueImage and EasyBCD working correctly together?

Thank you very much for any help regarding this issue.
There is no problem with EasyBCD and TrueImage - but if you use EasyBCD's "write MBR" option to reinstall the Vista bootloader, you'll lose the "press spacebar to enter system restore" option of Acronis TrueImage for recovery before entering Windows.

You won't ever lose any restore points, and you'll always be able to restore from within Windows or by booting from the restore CD. And provided that you don't use the reinstall MBR feature in EasyBCD, you shouldn't have any problems :smile:


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To be more detailed here, there will only be a problem if you've installed an acronis secure zone partition on your hard drive, activated the recovery startup manager on it, and use EasyBCD to recover the Vista bootloader or uninstall it. This will result in you not being able to run startup manager during boot time. However if you need to fix the Vista bootloader/uninstall it for some reason and would prefer to still have access to the startup manager, you can open Acronis TI in Windows and select to activate the startup manager again after you've done the repairs for Windows.

You will not lose backups or anything like that as a result of this. You'll only lose them if you delete them yourself or wipe out the secure zone partition that is storing them.
Thank you guys for your responses and time.

I guess I'm fine because I don't have an Acronis Secure Zone and I've never activated the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager. I use an external drive for my all backups and I recover my backups manually.

By the way, I've reinstalled the Vista bootloader several times already.