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Hello Friend ! I am in business of mobile repairing, I have a flash box "SPT" which is installed completely and BEST working with WinXP, but now i brought a new PC, "I3" processor" and system is Windows7, the problem is "Activesync" installation which is not install OR support windows7, it is a smartcart driver supporting tool, how to Install this box. I'd tried with "Compatibility" but not working, have any solution........

How to install Activsync in windows7?
pls. ask the supporting version of Activsync for windows7......


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Activesync is no longer provided for Windows. When you connect your device the Windows Mobile Device Center should automatically pop up or at least be offered: What happened to ActiveSync?.

If it doesn't install automatically you need Windows Mobile Device Centre (WMDC) downloadable from Microsoft - here:
That's 32-bit, if you want 64-bit drivers look at the bottom of that page

Also see Active Sync Windows 7 - Microsoft Community

I got all the above using a Google Search for Activesync in Windows 7.

Lastly make sure your Windows 7 is totally up to date including SP1 and the many updates since then.

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