Ad Aware 2007 Problem


when in iscan i find 104 infections and the i remove but if i scan again they are all still there
i have just downloaded ad aware first time scan
A week old PC with 104 Spyware? I woudl first say to remove the spyware. Then i would suggest either downloading Firefox or Opera and stop using IE. Getting 104 pieces of spyware in a week is not good. Even harder in Vista.

So my guess would be pop up spam.
Adaware and similar anti-spyware applications will often treat regular cookies, that you actually need, as "PUPs" (possibly unwanted programs) and therefore can cause panic when you first run them as they label just about anything as malware.
There is the ability to tell Adaware to ignore certain detections in future. Consult the help file or their support:
If you are ever that concerned you can always run "Hijackthis" and post its log on any of the following forums for expert advice:

Do not post the log here, we can't help!


Post the logs at a specialist Forum:








WHAT THE TECH FORUM (Formerly Tom Coyote)

Be sure to read all the sticky announcements/instructions at the top of each malware forum!
Come on i have lots of knowledge reading the HiJack This logs. I have read about 5,000 or so of them already. They are fun. :grinning:
But I doubt that CG wants this forum to be cluttered up with them. Leave that to the forums that specialise in it.
I dont mind a few here and there. I am not a specialist by any means. But i can stop the bad software within them easily. they really aint that hard to read. :wink:

Plus it bring more to this site and more people means more populatiry. :lol:

But seriously if they wish to post a log i will gladly take a look at it. But if they wish to go someplace that specializes in it. I wont be offended.
I just took a look at a couple of those sites and see what you mean, Peter. Literally every post in there is the same thing, more or less :lol:

Honestly, I'd get bored reading them - and would have nothing but the highest respect for anyone who wouldn't :grinning:
You let one report in and you'll be swamped, believe me. We learned that lesson years ago at McAfee Forums.
It is up to Guru really. I dont mind reading them. But like i said. I am no expert. If anything i am intermediate. I will catch most but not all problems. They are very redundant. But for sure if they start to become more of a regualr thing then either we could 1.) make a forum for them specifically or 2.) redirect them to a better source.
Like I said - I don't have a problem with it, personally.

But Peter has all the experience in this department - how many years at McAfee has it been?

You guys seriously don't allow malware reports/logs there!? I would've expected that'd be the most-demanded thing on the forum.

Only spyware support forum I know well is Wilders Security Forums - Powered by vBulletin
..they're pretty good.
That is strange that McAffe wouldnt allow things like this. It would help them out greatly to do so. I mean why send them off to another site to get help when you can do it in your own forum. I would think that the people would be a little drawn back by you sending them else where to get help. I know for me i wouldnt return to the forums. I mean why go back to the site if they are not gonna help me and send me on my way to another site?

I have been on a few sites. But after the 1 site which does have HiJack This logs i read thru them constantly and see what the results where. I have answered several thousand myself. Just not on that forum. :tongueout:
I've only been a MOD since 2004 at McAfee, We don't accept Hijackthis logs, only logs from McAfee applications. The above 8 forums I mentioned is our standard response to anyone with an infection that wont go by normal means.