"Add an Entry - Linux/BSD" only 1 drive shown, only 9 partitions

I've got EasyBCD set up to multi-boot between XP Pro 32, Vista 32, Vista 64 and Fedora 7 - and it works a treat. XP Pro 32, Vista 32 and Fedora 7 are on drive 0. Vista 64 is on drive 1.

Using Partition Magic, I had earlier split drive 0 into 15 partitions (the maximum amount the latest Linux kernels can see, when assigning "sda" for SATA drives). I planned on installing 10 distros; 1 of 24GB and 9 of 8GB.

After adding Fedora to the EasyBCD boot menu, I realised I would only be able to add one more Linux distro, because of the way the partitions are listed in the drop-down menu, like so:

Drive 0
Partition 0 (HPFS/NTFS - 100GB)
Partition 1 (HPFS/NTFS - 100GB)
Partition 2 (Win95 Fat32 LBA - 5GB)
Partition 3 (Win95 XInt13 extended)
Partition 4 (Linux swap - 2GB)
Partition 5 (Extended - 24GB)
Partition 6 (Linux Native - 24GB)
Partition 7 (Extended - 8GB)
Partition 8 (Linux Native - 8GB)
Partition 9 (Extended - 8GB)
The list stops at Partition 9 - I needed it to go up to Partition 24! (Also, I noticed it didn't give me the choice of selecting drive 1, either.) Is it possible to add more manually? Or increase the table in the next version of EasyBCD?

Why would I want so many partitions? Well, I'd like to install a bunch of AMD64 distros I've got to match the 10 i386 distros I've got on my laptop (I don't have Vista on it, so instead of EasyBCD I use Fedora to control the MBR/Grub menu).

I'm not complaining, though - EasyBCD is by far the most hassle-free solution of multi-booting between XP, Vista and Linux I've ever found. Using the native bootloaders, it would mean bouncing between three (XP, Vista & Grub) which is not as elegant as EasyBCD's single menu.

Nice work, CG. :grinning:
Hi Guiliano, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

You'll be glad to hear we've already addressed this issue. Please download and install the latest EasyBCD 1.61 BETA from the stickied thread to test it :smile:
W00t! Yup, there they all are. All the missing partitions from drive 0, the missing drive 1 and the unexpected bonuses of drives 2, 3 and 4 for my two WD Mybooks and ReadyBoost USB.

Thanks very much - that's what I call a quick fix! 8)