Add edit MBR UEFI for EasyBCD

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Mostly Harmless
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Hi minhthodp,

Thanks for joining the forums and for your love and attention to the software! We love EasyBCD too, and have often entertained the thought of adding full UEFI support to EasyBCD. At this time, it's not something we're working on because it's fundamentally a different foundation than the BCD. It's not possible to switch to UEFI and ditch BCD because most PCs still use MBR/BCD. Also, it would involve a complete rewrite to native UEFI code, or at least a jump to a GRUB2-EFI chainloading base; all of which are incompatible with the way EasyBCD was designed and would not necessarily be welcome changes to our existing users.

An "EasyEFI" or "EasyUEFI" is another option, and you never know what happens!