"ADD ENTRY" does not allow drive assignment


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I searched for previous posts on this issue; if it has already been ansered simply direct me to the post.

Setting up Vista/XPP dual boot on a laptop with new hard drive. Ran Vista installation first. During installation, hard drive was partioned into 3 parts; 20G; 20G, and 40G. Vista was directed to install on first, and installed successfully. I verified it showed as drive "C". Rebooted onto XPP cd and directed installation to second part, and it installed successfully with no failure. Rebooted back onto Vista DVD and chose "Repair" to recreate/modify the mbr. Vista launched, and I downloaded and installed EasyBCD 1.7.1

Opened EasyBCD, went to "AddRemove Entries", chose "Windows" tab, under "Type" selected "Windows Nt/2K/XP/2K3" and was expecting to point to the second part ("D") but the "drive" letter drop down greyed out.


I appreciate your input.