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Apologies if this has been asked, I couldn't find it if it was. Just started using EasyBCD and I'm trying to add entry: Situation is I have 2 physical hdd's. One (reg hdd) is partitioned into two with xp and Win8 on it. Other physical drive (this one is an ssd) has only xp on it. I have EasyBCD working as far as the partitioned hdd goes. What I am trying to do is add the ssd drive as a third boot choice. So I go to "add new entry" I have THIS problem: I choose Windows tab, select Windows NT/2k/XP/2k3 under Type. Name xp on ssd. I uncheck Automatically detect, and I select the G:\ under Drives (which IS the correct one for the ssd) and then click "Add Entry". Message on bottom says successful. Sounds good right? But when I go to View Settings the Drive says D:\ not G. The D drive IS xp but the one on the partitioned drive along with win8. It refuses to point to the G drive and STAY there. Can Anybody clue me in on anything I can do about this? Thanks.
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There is no reason to create multiple topics about the same exact issue. Especially after the duplicate was deleted, there was no reason to post it again. It was removed for a reason.
There is no reason to create multiple topics about the same exact issue. Especially after the duplicate was deleted, there was no reason to post it again. It was removed for a reason.
Yes, and thats why I said "sorry for reposting" or something like that, cause i had posted it in wrong thread/area. I guess that part flew OVER your head, so THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS ANOTHER USELESS FORUM. Moderator's without common sense ruin what could be a useful resource. Thank you SOOOOOOO much. Oh, go ahead and freeze my acct., not good for anything anyway now. Again.....THANK YOUOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! no sense in being polite now, didnt do any good before.
SEE? See all the useful answers I got cause you wouldnt let a new user have ONE pass on a re-post to the more correct thread/area? Oh, and yes there WAS a reason to repost, had wrong title in addition to wrong area. I dont claim to be an "Forum Expert" but I can understand moderating someone who does reposting habitually, but REALLY?? ONE TIME, with apology for doing it and you have to delete it? Now it cant be answered cause I cant edit title in addition to being in wrong thread. So again....thank you for making this forum useless. Guess I WONT be clicking that DONATE button that pops up now and then. Think about THAT. (DAMN RIGHT I've done the donate thing before, to others).


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Don't get your knickers in a twist. We all have bad days, but we do try to stay civil.
You don't in fact have a problem. The XP entry in the BCD doesn't point to XP, but to the "system" partition, which in turn contains the pointer to XP.
You have to tell EasyBCD the ultimate location (because it's going to create the intermediate information too), but what it says in the BCD itself is not for your information, but for the boot manager, which insists on looking there.
The wiki article will explain how it all works (including how EasyBCD lets you do something not available through the MS bootmgr, i.e. have multiple XP entries in a BCD, by use of a Neosmart customized version of the XP boot-loader)


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You're really getting angry over literally nothing. The same people who would have read and replied there would read and reply here. Mak's deleting of that post has not "robbed" you of any responses.
Terry, I havent checked this forum for a few weeks (didnt think there was a point to check it anymore as per my last post) but I figured I'd look for the fun of it. I had actually already found that wiki you linked to and got it working after reading the "The Mechanics of NTLDR and EasyLDR" part of it. So I've been using EasyBCD for a couple weeks now. But thank you for the help.


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not to re-hash but as far as my rant about the re-post thing being deleted, as I stated... I had it in wrong area AND titled it wrongly so I felt the need to repost it, ONCE, and I put in a "sorry about it" to boot (pun intended considering which forum this is, get it? to BOOT). One free pass on that is not much to ask, considering the fine-tuning post needed. I stand by my stance on Over-Moderation being something that can ruin a forum. nuff said.