Add Safe Mode with BCD 2.0


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Can you add booting in "Safe Mode" with BCD 2.0? If yes, how do you do it?:S I only use Windows 7 and do not have a dual-boot setup. This process was fairly simple in Windows XP, but Windows 7 is a different story...
Hi JulesAJP,

Yes, its very simple with EasyBCD. Add a new entry for W7, default disk letter should be fine (It should match that of the normal entry to boot Windows - you can verify this in View Settings). Give it w/e name you want, like "Windows 7 Safe-Mode". Now go to Advanced Settings page and select that new entry from the drop down.

Now that the correct entry is selected go the Advanced tab. See the safe mode option and dropdown? Now use the drop down to select the safe mode you want, which should be "Safe Mode" or "Safe Mode w/ Networking". Hit Save Settings and you're done.

This might be annoying though if the timeout is set at 30 seconds for the default entry. 2-5 seconds is more than enough time to select the safe mode entry from the menu in an emergency yet less enough to boot the default normal Windows entry without you having to wait too long or press enter every time you boot the computer. You can just as easily adjust timeout from the Edit Boot Menu page.

And if you want the ability to reboot straight to safe mode check out iReboot after you've added and verified the entry is working.
Of course you can just F8 as you boot to reach the extended boot menu (and Safe Mode).
You don't need a special boot menu entry.