add Windows 7 32-bit Repair Disc on grub linux


hi ,

I have a linux cd i use grub bootloader.

I try to add the tool Windows 7 32-bit Repair Disc on my linux boot cd.

I hade there lines :

LABEL Windows 7 32-bit Repair Disc

when i try to boot it not work .

Can you help me please to add entry on grub to boot the Windows 7 32-bit Repair Disc please .

i see i have there files on BOOTFIX.BIN, BOOT.SDI, BCD, BOOTMGR .

thanks for your help

good day
The W7 repair disk is purely for reinstating the bootmgr/BCD to a W7 PC that's lost the ability to boot.
That's why it's an ISO file that you must burn to a CD (or some other external bootable medium).
You use grub, and your system boots, so you don't need it on either count.
It has no other function (there are no W7 installation files on it), so there would be no point making it bootable from a system that isn't broken, and that doesn't even use the bootmgr it would reinstate.