Add WIndows Recovery?

Thanks ... it does not work when booting from USB ... I get the message press a key to boot from dvd and then windows generates a fault.

A little more information for you .... the 32-bit repair works great ... again this seems to be an issue with the 64-bit repair crashing.

It starts booting, I get the bar that says it's loading files and then it faults with a msg that it can't find ntskrnl.
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Try copying the .wim file from within both images to the USB, then add it as a WinPE 2.0 entry.
Try extracting it to the same layout that it was on the ISO. (I mean the same folder structure) then add it as a PE entry?
I tried that too ... seems to be something funny with the 64-bit version (maybe related to my other issue with not being able to boot the 64-bit setup of windows 7)
It's definitely one and the same - the recovery disk is really a stub of the Windows setup, so if you could get that one to work, this one would naturally follow suite.
It seems to be. I don't think the fault is with EasyBCD, more likely with the Windows Boot Manager itself. I'll test it (too) and get back to you :smile: