add XP MCE to XP Pro SP3

saphire 199

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OK, thought I would venture on this one and see if anyone has any info on this. I originally had a Vista Premium pc, I dual booted to XP Pro. I find I use the XP more than the Vista as I am always doing alot of photos, digital editing, blu-ray, etc. and have had more success with less problems with the XP Pro. However, with the system I have set up, it would be nice to have some of the MCE items on my XP Pro. I have seen some takes on this that involve a very long involved process with varying results, and I have seen others that say it is simply a matter of upgrading and still be able to keep all the info I have on my machine now. Anyone have any ideas on this? I know I will lose ability to work with domains per data I have seen but I don't use domains and probably won't in the future. Thanks to anyone that can help.

If you got XP MCE installation media than yes, just upgrade the current XP install and all your programs/files should remain.