Adding a hard drive with an existing 2nd OS

Hello, need some input on a scenario I'm contemplating:

  • Primary rig is my sim/gaming setup with Win7x64 on C, optical D, add'l physical drives E,F, & G.
  • I have a work-dedicated pc with some older hardware that has Win8.1 installed on a single hd (C).
  • My goal is to add the Win8.1 hard drive and OS to my more-capable gaming rig to create a dual-boot capability (fresh install after wiping the Win8.1 drive would be a major project due to the resulting reinstalls of all my design software, etc).
  1. I'm aware of issues migrating OS hard drives to other hardware and have experience with this; I plan to first plug the Win8.1 drive into the new case solo, apply all needed driver updates, etc, then go back to the original config prior to combining all the drives.
  2. What steps will be necessary to add the Win8.1 drive to my current Win7 drive pool? I expect the new drive will likely reorder itself during boot and am unsure how to properly enable it to the boot manager that resides on current Win7 C?
Thanks for any input!


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