adding a .vhd to activate Windows 10


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I searched for this topic, but did not find anything, so maybe can help.
I wanted to use a .vhd to reserve a win10 lic for my win7 systems. It is possible to install win10 into a .vhd, boot from this one and activate it with the Win7 key. By this the PC is regocniced later on when really switching to Win10 (I would still like to wait a bit...).
This procedure worked fine on one PC, but on another the installaiton of windows 10 in a .vhd did not work (I have no idea why...) . So my idea was: install Win10 into a .vhd without giving a procuct key or activating it on the PC where it worked. Then copy the .vhd to the PC where the installation did not work, boot from this .VHD file give the Win7 Key for this PC and activate Windows online.
Up to the part to copy the .vhd file everything works fine .. also adding the .vhd to the win7 bootmanager (manually or with EasyBCD) did work .. but booting from this one does not work (I think it was Windows loader not found) ..
Does anybody have an idea why this procedure should not work, or what I can do differently to boot from the .vhd ?

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I don't know if that will work - it won't cost you anything so you might as well try, I suppose.

At what stage did the native VHD install fail?