Adding a Wallpaper to EasyBCD Boot Menu


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Currently there is no option in EasyBCD to add a picture background to its boot menu, similar to GFX program for Grub. So its boot menu just plain black screen with the list of items to boot.

Can you add such feature to EasyBCD?

Also, is it possible to add a wallpaper manually - how exactly? I was looking for similar solution to add a wallpaper to plain Windows Boot Menu List, but the only solutions found were on how to change Windows Logo showing up at boot.

Again, can someone explain, how to manually add a wallpaper to EasyBCD Boot Menu, and what pic size & resolution are allowed? How it depends on your monitor screen size & resolution?
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It's not EasyBCD's boot menu, it's Microsoft's (bootmgr).
EasyBCD is not the boot manager, it's an app for configuring the BCD.
EasyBCD takes absolutely no part in either booting or running your system.
The only time it does anything is when Windows is already up and running and you execute it to modify a BCD entry. The rest of the time it sits, silent and inactive in its program library, just like Notepad or regedit.
Thanks Terry!

Its even more relevant to ask a simple question: how to add a background image to Microsoft Boot Menu with EasyBCD (being a boot menu configurator) or without it.
Plain and simple, Microsoft's bootloaders do not allow you to customize the background. You'll need to use grub or grub2.