Adding Linux to Windows 7


I have a SuSE 11.4 partition on this notebook and want to add it to the boot process. Your documentation says not to install GRUB in the MBR, but the boot sector of the partition with Linux. How do I do that?

EasyBCD Problems

I put GRUB in the root partition but when I go to Add SuSE Linux the Device: entry only lists partitions that Windows knows about. If I select "GRUB isn't installed in the MBR" it goes to "Automatically configured". My partitions are System, C: and then Linux which got drive letter F:. There's no place to enter 0,3 and F: was not an option. Using Advanced Settings I can set the partition to F:, but it's not successfully saved when I restart the program. EasyBCD 2.0.2.

What version of grub does SUSE 11.4 use ? legacy or grub2 ?
You need to select the correct one from the dropdown.
If grub2, EasyBCD will locate it for you, no need to specify the location.
If grub1, don't tick the box when Linux shares a HDD with Windows, and just select "Linux" from the dropdown.
(Windows does not give letters to file systems it doesn't recognize. Linux won't be F, or anything else)
Use the latest Beta