Adding old drive w/ XP to New PC w/Vista


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I have added my old drive with XP installed and all the old programs to my new PC with Vista installed. I have dl and installed EasyBCD. I've got it asking if I want to boot with the Microsoft Vista or Microsoft XP. It will boot with Vista fine, but I'm sure I haven't got the parameters set up properly to load XP. What do I write in the BCD program field to get it to start XP?
Thanks for any assistance!
This will not work the way you want. The hardware profile is not the same on the new machine as it was on the old machine. Therefor even if you do get the dual boot setup when you boot into XP you will start running into errors. It commonly starts with hal.dll then progresses onward. The best option for you is to use Vista and access the drive and backup your important data and format the drive and install XP fresh on there.

Sometimes, very rarely though, you can use the XP CD to reapir these installs. But everything has to be working correctly for that to happen.

Read up on the XP documentation:

Windows XP - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

But i can almost bet you will get nothing but errors if you try to boot into XP.

I have spare backup free for 30 days. I'll backup the XP drive to that, then reinstall XP on the old drive. I hope that works. I'll get back to you on how it works!!!